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20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know

By: Jonathan Peizer

Coupon code: GS20TIPS
As part of the new Tea & Strategy Series and in association with this publication is being included at no extra cost together with a discounted offer on healthy teas in the developed world and free to the developing world.

20 Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know provides a very practical series of recommendations for entities seeking to secure grants successfuly. Good strategy requires understanding the intentions of the other side. These tips provide firsthand insight into the dynamics of the donor’s decision making process and strategies to take the best advantage of them. The 24 page guide is written like an operating manual for grant seekers. Each page describes a distinct donor behavior, why it occurs, its effect, and the strategies the grant seeker can use to leverage or avoid it. Expect some “A-Ha” moments as donor practices are revealed. For a "taste" of the Tips without the Tea here is the INDEX page of the document as a PDF.

How To Receive "20 Tips":

The objective of this offer is to promote both knowledge and a healthy lifestyle. So exclusive access to this publication is being complimented with a discount on healthy teas. To receive this free publication visit the tea shop and select from over 75 varieties of healthy teas and tea ware. After making your selection enter coupon code: GS20TIPS in the shopping cart to receive "20 Tips" by E-mail Plus A 10% DISCOUNT on your tea. If you've been looking for an excuse to try green tea this is it!

IMPORTANT: If you are from a developing country and have issues (shipping cost, location, etc.) ordering the tea please contact me directly at for a copy.

Why Link This With Tea?

Internaut Consulting does socially responsible consulting and runs a socially responsible business online. It is combining the two to promote a virtuous circle of knowledge, health and a reduced carbon footprint.

Here is how it works: Having worked as a successful grant maker I understand donor dynamics and how a grant seeker can best position itself. This knowledge is provided free but attached to a discounted offer of green tea -- the same tea I drink every day to promote health. I only sell green and white tea because the research indicates it provides the most health benefit (see the comprehensive health section for abundant clinical research).

The knowledge in "20 tips" is worth more than a single order of discounted premium green or white tea. However, a core objective of the Tea and Strategy series is to introduce people to this very healthy drink through an interest in the publication and the benefit it provides to them. Just as importantly, a portion of the revenue the tea business generates is invested in real carbon footprint reductions (see below) thus completeing the three part virtuous circle objective: A win-win for the health conscious reader, for Internaut and for the environment.

The 20 Insider Tips Every Strategic Grant Seeker Should Know - is written by the author of The Dynamic of Technology for Social Change with over two decades of experience as an implementer, consultant, grant maker, grant seeker, and founder of socially responsible projects and organizations.

For more information and to discuss projects and strategies with Intternaut Consulting and Jonathan please click here.

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